Unusually Effective

Auxesys does things a bit differently. Why? Because it works.

Unusually Effective

Auxesys does things a bit differently. Why? Because it works.

Our Defining Elements

Auxesys is a professional services firm, specializing in business systems integration. We see business systems as larger than technology – yes, we do see technological systems, but also creative systems, and operational systems. All are worthy of integration with each other. In fact, we’re fairly certain that this is way of thinking is vital to small business success.

Think of Auxesys like a hybrid between a technology service provider, and a creative service firm or agency. We chose to combine these two areas of service, because we truly believe that the intersection of technology and creativity is where the magic happens.

Beyond our highly unique service model, our methods of fulfillment and execution are borrowed from the future. While our internal specialists are incredibly capable, we also work with a distributed pool of highly skilled independent contractors.

Here at Auxesys, we are huge fans of freelancers, independent contractors, entrepreneurs, boutique firms, and startups. We engage with contract specialists on a recurring basis – that is to say, once we find a great fit with independent contractor, our goal is to continue launching and completing projects with them. This means stability and career growth for them, access to incredible skills and specialization for us, and the confidence that our operations are lean and efficient for you.

Targeted Client Selection and Deep Understanding

Auxesys sees clients as strategic partners. More than simply providing service, we seek clients with a vision as vast and ambitious as our own. Small businesses that are ready and willing to leverage new technologies to optimize efficiencies are what we seek. Small businesses that see their creative assets as integral to building firm value are what we strive to find. And small businesses that wish to connect technology, creative components, and business operations, are those who find a harmonious home with us.

Consultancy, Development,

and Outsourcing

Auxesys is more than a consultancy. Whether the solutions we deliver are creative, operational, or technological, our objective is to do so in a manner that fits our client’s requirements. This often means that a client needs more than consult, but also the development of novel and proprietary property, or even assistance with managing outsourced functions. Auxesys helps clients explore all of these options when seeking and implementing solutions, allowing for benefits beyond what a traditional consultancy might offer.

Solutions Designed for Internalization

Because Auxesys serves clients through consulting, developing, and managing outsourced solutions; because our clients share our ambitious aspirations for growth; and because Auxesys is a generalist firm; every solution we develop is meant to be one day internalized. Rather than foster a relationship in which a client partner remains forever beholden, we believe that it is our duty to design every solution, from the ground up, with the hope that one day a client grows large enough to manage that solution internally.

Rather than creating stop gaps, barriers, or unreasonable obligations, Auxesys builds systematization into every solution. This is an approach that allows for our clients to transparently understand, and one day own, the protocols, processes, procedures, and assets that are required for them to operate independently, at scale, at the time of their choosing.

Our Service Categories

We’ve got a solution for you.


For projects that require mission-critical deliverables.


For businesses aiming to position themselves strategically.


For firms requiring the fundamentals.

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Auxesys is a professional services firm that specializes in business systems integration.

We move beyond technology systems; to help startups, founders, and small and medium businesses (SMBs) integrate their technological, creative, and operational systems and assets.

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