Telephone Research Interviewer

Compensation: Value-based + performance-based, negotiable.

Start Date: Immediately

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm CDT, flexible, level of effort determined by contractor

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent communications skills
  • Spreadsheet, form, and data entry experience
  • Base-level understanding of marketing automation (will train)
  • A personal computer with internet service
  • Phone line (land-line, softphone, or cell phone – can provide a softphone number if necessary)


  • Transparent communication with project team leads
  • Creative thinking applied to improve performance
  • Provide feedback to leadership team to assist with continual improvement
  • Ability to complete at least 50 calls a week (success rate is between 2-12%, successful calls take around 10 minutes)


  • Ability to set your own schedule
  • No transportation or parking costs
  • Excellent team and team culture
  • Cash in your bank account before you begin calling (deposit, regular disbursements)

We want to hear from you!

At Auxesys, we work with freelancers and independent contractors a bit differently. Our screening process is simple, if you’re game to take a crack at this we’re game to support you in it.

After you submit on this form a member of our team will reach out to you. If we decide to proceed, we’ll get you everything you need to start working immediately, including an initial deposit via e-transfer to get you going.

You’ll have the ability to check in with our team on a regular basis, to chat and work alongside us asyncrhonously, and to engage in performance and compensation reviews on a regular basis. Typically, a team lead at Auxesys will meet with you (every two weeks at first, monthly thereafter) to hear how you feel about the work. Are you getting paid enough? Are you enjoying the work? Do you have any suggestions based on what you have learned?

If you need more money, we’ll negotiate with you in good faith to arrive upon a compensation level that is fair to all parties.

If you aren’t enjoying the work, we’ll work with you to see if we can adjust the work to better satisfy you, or if we can find other activities for you to perform.

If you have any suggestions you believe would improve the project, we’ll listen to you and incorporate them into the work.

Does this sound like the type of flexible, rewarding, and challenging experience that can help you make some extra cash while also still balancing your other commitments?

If so, please submit – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Opportunity Category: Data Entry Marketing Research
Opportunity Type: Contract
Opportunity Location: Remote

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